Qypsys - Advanced Technology Deployment

Passive Optical LAN

Passive Optical LAN is an innovative alternative to traditional LAN that delivers multiple services over a single-mode fiber cabling. The introduction of remote power to these fiber connections ensures a future-proof network infrastructure capable of delivering the services, speed, and PoE needs of today while assuring that tomorrow’s needs can be supported without forklift upgrades. Ethernet, 802.11, or cellular connectivity are your options for connecting end-users’ devices. Leverage the powered fiber to effectively converge these technologies onto a common platform.

In-Building Cellular

With an estimated 80 percent of mobile traffic originating or terminating within a building, universal in-building cellular coverage has become as vital to your building as water or electricity. Today's data-hungry devices simply cannot be served by the outdoor macro network. Wi-Fi helps, but it requires manual authentication and it does not support cellular voice calling. The evolution to 5G, combined with the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, will raise the stakes even higher. By offloading traffic from high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses, crowded stadiums and hotel conference rooms, an in-building cellular solution can make a dramatic difference.

Public Safety

Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) include any system that provides wireless service via an antenna system, especially to buildings, to ensure that emergency responders can maintain wireless communications within a building structure and on-the-job in emergency situations. Enabling emergency communication is crucial when it comes to the men and women who are often the first on a scene when it comes to public safety. It’s also crucial for people such as building owners and other personnel who need to have the people under their structures or authority be safe in the event of a crisis.