Connecting Communities – Givens

Connectivity as a Key Differentiator for Givens Senior Living Communities Givens Communities, a not-for-profit senior living organization with four campus locations provides affordable rental retirement housing for those 55+ years of age. They offer residents of modest incomes a welcoming neighborhood with amenities to make retirement a little easier. And Givens understands the importance of investing in services and amenities that help their communities stand [...]

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Senior Living Moving Forward After COVID-19

Senior Living Industry: Moving Forward After COVID-19 The COVID-19 global pandemic upended many industries and communities, in many different ways. This holds especially true for the senior living community, one of the most vulnerable to the virus. As the pandemic swept across the U.S., community operations as normal ceased to exist. Senior living communities had to adapt quickly, and many have turned to technology for [...]

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Communities Balancing the Cost of Technology with Resident Demands

Communities are Balancing the Cost of a Technology Upgrade with Resident Demands In 2013, the executive team, led by Chief Executive Officer Larry Mabry, completed a competitive analysis to assess the best technology to execute their infrastructure upgrade plan. The technology had to support 500+ residents with Wi-Fi-enabled Internet, and the behind-the-scenes patient management systems from Healthsense. Resident care was also an integral aspect of [...]

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