AMLI Joya is a newly built 884,000 square foot luxury apartment complex in the Dadeland area of Miami.

A residential structure big as AMLI Joya presented unique public safety DAS challenges.  Not only were there more critical areas to be covered, but these critical areas were often located a great distance away from the repeater.  This meant a robust design spread over several floors with little space set aside in the risers and pathways for such a large system. This was a clear case for a fiber optic system, which has greater reach than coaxial cable, and takes up a fraction of the space. Qypsys was able to meet or exceed Miami Dade County standards of 99% coverage in critical areas and 95% coverage in general areas by installing a G-Wave repeater and 60 antennas fed by Corning fiber.

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Miami, FL


Public Safety DAS