Williamsburg Landing

In 2011, Qypsys and Williamsburg Landing announced the completion of a fiber optic network extending voice, video and data throughout the 137-acre life plan community. Its completion signified a turning point in the delivery, maintenance and ownership of technology services by providing immediate access to technologies capable of enhancing senior independence while reducing current and future CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Today (2018), our intentions regarding lower OPEX and CAPX costs associated with the deployment of the robust passive optical LAN (POL) have been validated. More importantly, it has helped reduced costs to our residents and provided a pathway for technology to flourish.  The forward-thinking vision of the Williamsburg Landing Leadership team demonstrated their value to the most important asset, the community residents.

At time of project (2011):

  • 100 individual buildings
    • 7 multi-unit buildings
    • 93 duplex and standalone homes
  • 104 beds

Today (2019)

  •  101 individual buildings
    • 8 multi-unit buildings
    • 93 duplex and standalone homes
  • 148 beds

Technology deployed

  • Motorola Passive Optical LAN (POL) – ONT & OLT 
  • Corning Fiber Optics (single mode), 3 miles
  • Voice, Avaya phone system 
    • Residential and Corporate networks
  • Video – Senior TV
    • RF over fiber
  • Data/Internet – Cox Communications
    • Video streaming (Fiber mux)
    • 50 mg fiber with load balancing (qty 2)
  • Wireless – Cisco
    • +700 access points 

Business Case at time of project (2011)

  • CAPEX, reduced consumption of power and space
  • OPEX, reduced costs to support and provide maintenance 
  • LAN solution reliability, 99.999%
  • One network for the delivery of voice, TV/video and data  
  • Converged Network – IP surveillance, access control, wander guard onto the same robust network
  • Future proof the core network  

Results in 2019

  • CAPEX and OPEX. One converged network supporting voice, TV/video and data.  Easy to manage and significant cost reductions experienced.   
  • Future Proof.   
    • One network. Very reliable and scalable (excess dark fiber) 
    • Fiber is scalable, reliable and durable.
  • Residents’ experience.
    • Lower monthly subscription cost with better offering (each resident gets their own private router (enhancement to privacy).
      • Carrier offered triple pay, $150 – $180/month
      • Williamsburg price for triple play, $60/month
        (no additional fees or taxes) 
    • Improved quality of life.
    • Connected devices leveraging the fiber optic network helps our health care providers reliably and securely connect to the resident’s electronic medical record.


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“As a resident of Williamsburg Landing, I am very pleased with the affordable technology throughout our community.”