Invest in the Future by Investing in New Technology Now – Hospitality

Investing in the Right Technology Now, Can Help the Hospitality Industry Prepare for the Future During these uncertain times, the hotel industry has been hit especially hard. Even with some states reopening, it will take a while for the hospitality industry to return to business as usual, if it ever does. And while new technology won’t end the current economic hardships brought on by COVID-19, [...]

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Corning Study

Corning Study: Analyzing the Capital Cost of Deploying Fiber-To-The-Room vs. a Traditional Copper Network Corning Optical Communications commissioned a study to analyze the capital cost of deploying Fiber-To-The-Room in the hospitality setting and directly comparing that with the cost to deploy a traditional copper network. The study was conducted and completed by Engineering Plus, CompAdvise, and Qypsys. To read the findings on this In-Depth Analysis [...]

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Reliable Wireless Connectivity Enhances the Guest Experience

Reliable Wireless Connectivity Enhances the Guest Experience at the Marriot Marquis Chicago Rising 40 stores above South Prairie Avenue and over-looking the conference center at McCormick Place and Lake Michigan beyond that, is the Marriott Marquis Chicago. While Marriott International’s mission is to create and build hotels with some of the most innovative, sustainable and guest-friendly technology available, this new property goes beyond guest experience [...]

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