Communities are Balancing the Cost of a Technology Upgrade with Resident Demands

In 2013, the executive team, led by Chief Executive Officer Larry Mabry, completed a competitive analysis to assess the best technology to execute their infrastructure upgrade plan. The technology had to support 500+ residents with Wi-Fi-enabled Internet, and the behind-the-scenes patient management systems from Healthsense.

Resident care was also an integral aspect of the overall project. Mabry brought in a Technology Director, Richard Eid, a seasoned professor with more than 30 years’ experience in Network Maintenance and Design.

Qypsys Technology Upgrade Solutions

Eid collaborated with the executive team and oversaw the installation and implementation of the project. To manage the process and help identify a technology solution, Woodlands reached out to Qypsys, a leader in the design and deployment of advanced technology platforms… Read the full article here.

Passive Optical LAN (POL) Solution

Qypsys played a vital role in deploying a Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution, which is a robust, energy-efficient network that reduces operating costs and infrastructure complexity. Qypsys is proud to have worked alongside DASAN Zhone Solution to help implement a high-speed, large-scale network that can support multiple systems and scale to match the community’s rapid growth rate.

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Article source: Healthcare Facilities Today