Our Process

Alongside our expertise in today’s advanced technology, our process, from start to finish, is designed to exceed your expectations by helping you to meet all of your system installation and maintenance requirements. Our innovative solutions deliver a scalable, flexible, and highly reliable infrastructure for optimal value.

The Introductory Meeting

Our process starts with an introductory meeting, in which we learn about your specific objectives. During this meeting we will let you know if believe we can meet your needs, as well as share a bit of our story and some similar projects where we’ve successfully implemented the best solution.

The Discovery Meeting

Next comes the discovery meeting in which we examine together all of the specifications of your particular project. Our objective is to fully understand not only all of the technical aspects of the project, but to also learn what a successful project will look like to you when completed. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate end-goal.

Solution Implementation

Upon approval, we’ll begin solution implementation. Based on the technical specifications, our team will ensure that all work is completed professionally and accurately. Throughout this phase we’ll be working closely with your team and regularly communicating with them on progress. We believe that working together ensures a successful outcome.

Qypsys Process Step 4System Service and Maintenance

Once the implementation is complete, we are able to monitor and maintain the system on your behalf. Our team works as an extension of yours ensuring continuous uptime on your system.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your connectivity needs. Put our experience to work for you. Your success is our success.