Small Cell

Challenge: Wireless Service Providers (WSP) Are Often Not Able to Meet the Coverage Demands Small to Mid-sized Businesses Require

In today’s highly mobile, always connected world, demand is overwhelming the Wireless Service Providers’ (WSP) ability to provide coverage and capacity. In-building coverage problems can result in the inability to receive a signal in certain areas of the office, often referred to a ‘dead zones’. Network capacity problems occur when you have coverage (full bars on your device) but you can’t connect because your data isn’t getting through. And since wireless signals are only capable of carrying a limited amount of data/traffic at one time, it can significantly slow down the network, negatively impacting the business.

While there are many solutions and business models to fix public venues and large buildings, customers in a small to mid-size office have little options. They need a solution that gives them the ability to meet current and future coverage demands.

Solution: Qypsys Small Cell Wireless Network Solution for Small Businesses

A Small Cell solution from Qypsys delivers a customized coverage/capacity model for smaller venues seeking only one or two WSPs. Our WSP approved wireless network solution ensures rapid deployment and approval while providing the same robust connectivity provided by a DAS. It can eliminate cellular connectivity problems, such as dead zones and expand network capacity so you no longer have to worry about an overloaded network bringing your business to a halt.

Benefits: The Qypsys Small Cell Customized Solution Can Help Small Businesses Meet Growing Network Coverage Demands

  • Eliminates cellular connectivity problems and
  • Prevents network slows downs due to network capacity limitations
  • Offers small to mid-sized businesses a cost-effective solution, particularly when bundled on a converged network
  • Requires a minimal network footprint
  • Streamlined installation ensures rapid deployment and the ability to meet accelerated project timelines
  • Can be used as a signal source for DAS
  • Approved and supported by the top three wireless service providers (WSP)
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