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Experience: The Healthcare Industry Relies on Technology for Patient Care

Technology has transformed the healthcare industry. Innovations in healthcare technology have advanced many aspects of patient care. And medical professionals rely on technology to perform key functions, such as transferring data critical to patient care quickly and securely.

But as demand increases, many legacy systems with traditional copper wiring can’t keep up. This could inhibit patient care, and possibly even put patient’s lives at risk. And since copper wire legacy systems are limited by the electrical conductivity of the wire, speed and capacity upgrades would require an expensive infrastructure upgrade.

Solution: Upgrade to a Fiber-Based Network + Our Qnnect All Managed Wireless Solution for Complete Coverage

Instead of sinking more funds into an outdated, legacy system, upgrade to a fiber-based network that transmits signals using light waves. It’s less susceptible to the elements, making it much more reliable, and offers seemingly limitless bandwidth that can grow with your business and easily adapt to future technologies.

Pairing it with Qypsys Qnnect All Managed Wireless Solution delivers extensive coverage, eliminates dead zones and other intermittent coverage problem areas. And it won’t fail due to high traffic or high volumes, ensuring reliable delivery of critical patient data quickly and securely. Plus, it’s a cost-efficient solution for medical industry facilities of all sizes. Qypsys can design and deploy a system to provide coverage for your healthcare facility and guarantees to deliver carrier traffic in four to five months.

Why Qypsys: Our Vast Experience Delivering Technology Solutions to the Healthcare Industry

  • Qypsys has a deep understanding of medical technology system requirements and extensive experience working within the healthcare community.
  • We connect medical professionals with innovative and reliable cellular connectivity critical to patient care.
  • The fiber-based network solution Qypsys delivers provides seemingly limitless bandwidth, capable of meeting current demands and offering flexible growth options for the future.
  • Our Qypsys Qnnect All Managed Wireless Solution lowers the risks, costs, and complexities of deploying next generation technology.
  • And our team of experts provides world class support.

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