Technology Solutions for Large Public Venues

Experience: Large Public Venues Need to Deliver the Connectivity and Bandwidth Fans Expect

High-speed, highly-reliable bandwidth is mission critical for large public venues. Sports and entertainment fans expect the ability to personalize their arena experience and love to share it via live video and photos. They have a voracious appetite for wireless access. Dropped, frozen or sluggish network connectivity when attempting to capture and share key moments from large public venue events can have a negative impact on their overall satisfaction. Traditional copper-based networks cannot provide the high-speed, uninterrupted access to video, voice, and data services—or handle the 5G speeds fans expect. Many large public venues require network technology upgrades to accommodate next-generation mobile and IoT technologies.

Solution: Next Generation Technology for Large Public Venues

POL, or Passive Optical LAN, provides faster and more reliable access to video, voice and data services and the flexibility to meet sudden spikes in demand. Further, customized indoor/outdoor Small Cell solutions that extends cellular coverage and capacity and, when bundled with PON on a converged network, is highly cost effective. All of which comes with a smaller cabling footprint at a lower cost and a powered fiber network that is highly scalable.

Why Qypsys: Deep Experience Delivering Connectivity Solutions for Large Public Venues

  • For large projects, such as network technology upgrades for large public venues requires a partner with experience and industry expertise. Qypsys has both.
  • Qypsys offers solutions that lower the risks, costs, and complexities of deploying next generation technology.
  • Our solutions offer 5G technology capabilities to accommodate next-generation mobile and IoT technologies. It delivers the access that fans expect and contributes to an optimal fan experience.
  • Qypsys delivers innovative, long-term sustainable infrastructures with future growth potential.

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