Proven Connectivity Solutions for Markets

When it comes to connectivity, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Different markets have different demands of their network infrastructures—and different metrics by which network performance is measured. From the focus on the customer experience that is central to hospitality and large public venues to the need to extend coverage and capacity to keep pace with escalating demand for data and broadband among enterprise and senior living organizations, Qypsys can tailor the right solution to meet unique market needs.



Enterprise Markets

Enterprise markets are facing a wireless explosion and a greater demand for more bandwidth. This drive in demand for more powerful, reliable connectivity will require enterprise markets to upgrade or risk being left behind. Qypsys converged network solution offers enterprise markets the capacity to meet current demands, the power to drive 5G and next-generation technology, and the flexibility to grow with the business as needs change over time.

Hospitality Markets

Business and leisure travelers expect the hospitality industry to deliver fast, reliable, continuous network connectivity throughout the property. But many hotels and resorts are still relying on a traditional switch/copper infrastructure that won’t keep up with current demands. Qypsys can offer the hospitality market a better solution that’s easy to deploy and delivers the connected experience guests expect

Senior Living Markets

When relocating to a senior living community, seniors expect the same comforts enjoyed in their own home. One of the most important being, a similar technology experience as seniors often rely on their devices to stay connected to friends and family. But many senior living communities aren’t equipped to deliver the fast, reliable connectivity seniors expect. Qypsys offers senior living markets an owner-provided, private broadband network infrastructure solution that also offers cost control and revenue generating opportunities.

Healthcare Industry Markets

Innovations in technology have transformed the healthcare industry and healthcare professionals rely on technology more now, than ever before. Technology is used by medical professionals to perform key functions critical to patient care quickly and securely. Qypsys fiber-based network + Qnnect All managed wireless solution offers healthcare providers a faster, more reliable solution that delivers extensive coverage and eliminates coverage dead zones.

Large Public Venues

Large public venues, such as sports and entertainment complexes require a high-speed, reliable  network with the bandwidth capacity capable of delivering uninterrupted access to video, voice, and data services. Qypsys offers large public venues customized solutions that deliver high-speed, reliable connectivity with almost limitless bandwidth. Plus, Qypsys systems are able to accommodate 5G, next-generation mobile and IoT technologies.

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Qypsys offers network connectivity solutions customized for your business and capable of meeting your unique market demands. To learn more about solutions for your market or to schedule a free consultation with one of our industry experts, please complete the website contact form.

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