Private Broadband

Challenge: Cable Operators and Big Wireless Carriers Can’t Meet the Growing Demand for Bandwidth in Residential Structures

In today’s always connected world, demand is on the rise for high-speed internet access and ubiquitous cellular coverage. This demand is felt the greatest in residential settings. Cable operators and big carriers can’t match investment to this demand and the customer experience will continue to suffer as a result.

The insatiable need for bandwidth will only continue to grow in the future. And property owners who invest in technology solutions to deliver a better private broadband experience will have a significant advantage over their competitors in the market.

Solution: Qypsys Private Broadband Solution for Residential Properties Supplies the Bandwidth Needed to Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience

Qypsys deploys carrier grade networks to support private broadband network initiatives. Property owners invest in the fiber-based infrastructure and leverage the network for the traditional “triple play” needs as well as and administration, security, or access network needs. This strategy ensures the customer experience can always be satisfied with the latest technologies and speeds.

Benefits: The Qypsys Private Broadband Solution Can Help Residential Properties Meet Increasing Network Demands

  • Prevents network slows downs due to bandwidth limitations
  • Supports multiple technologies, traditional “triple play” needs
  • Supports administration, security and/or access network needs
  • Has a future ready infrastructure that grows with new technology and network demands
  • Provides cost control and revenue generation opportunities
  • Offers an excellent customer experience, delivering an essential amenity, competitors without it won’t be able to match (excellent selling point to new residents)
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