Converged Networks

Challenge: Businesses Are Facing Connectivity Concerns and Not Able to Keep Pace with Growing Bandwidth Demand

Many businesses are still relying on copper-based networks, which are slow and unreliable, particularly in today’s always-on world. They also lack the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with rapidly growing bandwidth demand as traffic volume escalates with advances in mobile and connected devices.

Solution: Leveraging Fiber Optic Connectivity Technologies to Support Multiple Systems Safely and Securely

Qypsys’ Converged Network Solutions leverage fiber optic connectivity to support key access technologies across a single unified fiber optic backbone. It can handle a larger volume of traffic faster than traditional networks.  And, it supports multiple systems, safely and securely, delivering Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Cellular for unmatched access at reduced costs. Plus, the scalability and flexibility allow companies to easily incorporate new technology services as they become available.

Benefits: The Qypsys Converged Network Solution Can Be Customized to Meet Business Demands

  • Uses fiber optic networks deliver more bandwidth, cover larger distances, and has a longer lifespan than the more traditional copper-based networks.
  • Supports multiple systems safely and securely.
  • Has a virtually limitless bandwidth for a truly sustainable infrastructure.
  • Optimizes voice, video, and data distribution.
  • Makes it easy to test new technology and services.
  • Allows businesses to upgrade equipment without replacing the infrastructure.
  • Offers incredible savings in space, power, and capital.
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