Cellular Technology Solutions

Challenge: Delivering Extended Cellular Network Coverage and Faster Network Speeds

Coverage and capacity provided by today’s macro networks cannot meet the exponential growth in wireless demand over the next five years. Traffic volume will continue its rapid escalation thanks to the evolution of 5G and the Internet of Things. Consumers demand extended network coverage, bringing with it an expectation of faster access speeds.

Solution: Qypsys Cellular Technology Solutions Can Support Your Network Coverage and Capacity Needs

A DAS—Distributed Antenna System— addresses today’s coverage and capacity needs and guarantees support for future demands. A neutral host DAS moves ownership from the Wireless Service Providers (WSP) to the building owner or a third party. This approach can increase the likelihood of WSP participation, decrease the amount of time it takes to get a working system in place, and allow the owner to retain control of technology decisions/upgrades.

Benefits: Competitive Cellular Network Technology Solutions

  • Coverage and capacity for all wireless carriers
  • Fiber infrastructure to support 5G needs
  • Mobile enablement
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