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Experience: Delivering Optimal Hospitality Guest Experiences

Business and leisure travelers expect continuous connectivity putting increased pressure on hotel and resort properties to deliver a technology experience that optimizes guest satisfaction. Guests also expect to have continuous connectivity, regardless of where they are on the property, especially in a resort setting.

Many hotels and resorts are still relying on a traditional switch/copper infrastructure, which was designed to meet the needs of the past. And this ancient type of infrastructure is no longer sufficient in delivering the coverage and capacity guests now expect.

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Solution: Innovative and Scalable Hospitality Solutions

With the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) usage and the number of connected devices in the average guest room increasing significantly, the key to guest satisfaction is to ensure guests have excellent connectivity coverage and capacity – no matter where they are on the property.

Qypsys offers the hospitality industry a better solution – an easy to deploy network infrastructure solution that delivers the coverage and capacity guests expect. With converging power and network, and various other integrated services, it’s the most sensible solution for delivering an optimal, connected guest experience. Plus, it has the flexibility and scalability to grow along with the industry, allowing for edge devices to be easily replaced or upgraded to support the new technologies and speeds of the future.

Why Qypsys: Turnkey Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Qypsys’ team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a turnkey technology network solution allowing hotels and resorts to deliver a better, more connected guest experience. Additional reasons to partner with Qypsys include:

  • Extensive experience working with clients in the hospitality industry.
  • Excellent relationships with industry leading service providers.
  • Having a keen understanding of reliable converged services (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular).
  • Expertise in delivering fiber-to-the-room deployments.
  • The ability to align project scope to fit within larger development projects.
  • Customized solutions and service options that can be tailored to best fit the client’s needs.
  • Flexible, scalable solutions that grow with the business and can be easily upgraded to support the new technologies and speeds of the future.
  • Smart building controls, capabilities, and service options designed to simplify deployment and maximize total cost of ownership savings.
  • And being a strong partner providing invaluable technology expertise and guidance.

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“We have worked with Qypsys on several hotel projects the past four years. Their team has a keen focus to detail and are remarkable in their ability to properly align their scope within a project. Their project managers and network engineering staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I highly recommend Qypsys to anyone seeking expertise in Fiber-To-The-Room deployments.”