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Challenge: First Responders Need to Be Able to Maintain Constant Communication Throughout a Building in an Emergency Situation

First responders, such as firemen and police officers are who we rely on to help us in an emergency situation. And they rely on their gear, such as their communications devices to keep them safe and to come to our aid as quickly as possible.

In an emergency situation, it is essential that their communication devices continue to transmit in hard-to-reach areas, such as stairwells, elevators, basements, and thick-walled or shielded areas. This almost always requires installing NFP or IFC-compliant public safety and emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC). And many jurisdictions now require it as a prerequisite for getting an occupancy permit.


Solution: Qypsys Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Ensures That Emergency Responders Are Able to Maintain Communication During an Emergency Situation

Our Qypsys Public Safety DAS Solution ensures that emergency responders can maintain wireless communication in critical areas of a building during an emergency situation. It allows for integration with the technology first responders are currently using. And it is a great long term investment since it can support any wireless communications system that first responders may upgrade to in the future. It is an easy way to ensure your property remains in compliance over time.

The Qypsys Public Safety DAS Solution includes the following components:

  • A directional antenna mounted on the roof to receive donor signal
  • Indoor omni-directional antennas
  • ½” Plenum-rated coax cable (Riser-rated cable for donor run)
  • Indoor cable: Plenum-rated coax cable
  • Vertical riser and room that houses repeater(s) which is 2-hour fire rated (Level 2 survivability)
  • Repeater, BBU and dedicated remote Annunciator placed in 2-hour fire rated room
  • Alarm cable connecting annunciator and Fire Alarm Control Panel

Benefits: The Qypsys Public Safety DAS System is Designed to Meet Public Safety System Requirements in Your Area

  • Qypsys has an in-depth understanding of utilized public safety frequencies and can ensure our solution integrates with the specific frequencies in your area.
  • Meets all NFP and/or IFC requirements.
  • Designed to meet any specific requirements of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and will satisfy your local AHJ’s coverage testing protocols.
  • Qypsys will support you throughout the entire process, from budget, design and deployment, plus after installation with ongoing maintenance.
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