Four Key Benefits of a Private Broadband Network

What is a Private Broadband Network?

A private broadband network is a communications system that delivers high speed internet, supports data and communications transmissions, that is privately owned.

Why Invest in a Private Broadband Network?

With expectations of universal connectivity across multiple devices, demand for bandwidth continues to grow exponentially. Plus, cable operators and big wireless carriers are often unable to keep pace with demand, thus customer experience suffers. Investing in a private broadband network takes back control, allowing private broadband network owners to deliver an essential amenity with unlimited bandwidth and a better customer experience. But that’s not all; here are four more key benefits of investing in a private broadband network.

Streamlined Operations

Utilizing fiber optic technology which uses signals encoded into light to transmit information to various nodes on a network, Qypsys private broadband network solutions can deliver some of the fastest transmission speeds available on the market today. Plus, it provides more bandwidth, allowing for more devices to transmit exponentially more data at a time compared to traditional copper-based networks.

Combined with carrier-grade system options that are proven to be extremely reliable and a software-defined networking (SDN) approach to network management allows for a programmatically efficient network configuration designed to fit your unique needs. Software-based controller and application programming interfaces (APIs), along with monthly reporting make it easier to monitor, manage, and improve network performance.

Additionally, having a single point of contact for resident support, property support, and/or vendor support is much more efficient and delivers a better customer support experience.

Network Flexibility

Not only can private broadband networks be configured to meet your unique needs, they also provide greater flexibility. The unlimited bandwidth of fiber optic cabling can support multiple networks and offers flexible distribution options. Additionally, it makes it easy to scale up as needed so the network grows with your business. And updates over time can prevent an expensive, major network overhaul down the line too.

A broadband fiber optic network can be leveraged for more than just transmitting data. Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be integrated into the network and leveraged for other functions, such as building systems. It can be used to feed common area technologies (Wi-Fi, TV, Music). It can control physical security systems, such as access controls. It can provide data and information on all kinds of building systems, such as parking systems, HVAC, temperature/lighting controls, etc.

Can Capitalize on the Network

A private broadband network can be categorized as a fixed asset. It improves valuation and tangible assets. In the event of divestiture, it can simplify the process, making it more clear and easier to complete. And business owners can control the quality of the network, instead of settling for third-party providers.

Generate Revenue

By controlling the private broadband network, businesses and property owners can deliver property branded services. Instead of making payments to third parties, for services such as Wi-Fi, TV, etc., they make payments to your business property. This can move these utilities away from being a cost center, and possibly even becoming an income/revenue generating endeavor. Profits can be put toward future network expansions or upgrades.

Delivering a quality network connection with unlimited bandwidth, it can increase the property’s Wired Score, and an advantage over the competition. Better connectivity attracts more applicants, better tenants, of which could translate into higher rent/sales prices. It can also increase the overall value of the building(s).

Qypsys Private Broadband Network Solutions

Learn more about the key benefits of a private broadband network by contacting a Qypsys technology solutions expert today. Qypsys can design a custom solution to fit your unique needs.