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Investing in the Right Technology Now, Can Help the Hospitality Industry Prepare for the Future

During these uncertain times, the hotel industry has been hit especially hard. Even with some states reopening, it will take a while for the hospitality industry to return to business as usual, if it ever does. And while new technology won’t end the current economic hardships brought on by COVID-19, it can help businesses better prepare for the future. Here are a few reasons why now is the best time for hotels to invest in new technology.

Take Advantage of Lower Occupancy Rates

The hospitality industry typically runs at a fast pace and operates on a 24/7 schedule. It’s a competitive industry, and businesses need to properly optimize resources to ensure they are meeting guest expectations while still turning a profit. This translates to management typically having very little uninterrupted downtime to work on additional projects. More downtime now, during the epidemic, makes it the ideal time for hotels to take on the project of auditing their current technology systems to determine the best solution for meeting the hotel’s current and future needs.

Plus, with it being a consumer-driven market, it is the perfect time to break or renegotiate contracts the company is currently locked into that are not meeting expectations. And it’s a great time to learn about new technology options, such as the scalable network solutions from Qypsys that could better fit future business needs.

It’s the Best Time to Implement New Technology Solutions

Lower occupancy rates make it the ideal time to implement or deploy new technology solutions. There is less risk to the business if an issue, such as data loss, occurs during implementation. And less guests would be affected if there is a disruption of service. Plus, slower shifts servicing less guests are always the best time to test new technology, perform system upgrades and/or train employees on newly implemented systems, if necessary.

Proactive Businesses Can Emerge from the Crisis with a Key Advantage

The hospitality industry was already a competitive market even before uncertain times due to COVID-19 hit, and it will likely be one of the industries that will take the longest to recover. Even with some states reopening, and more American’s returning to work, less business travelers will require accommodations. Many companies are still limiting travel. And business conferences across industries have either been cancelled or moved to online platforms, cutting out a significant percentage of hotel revenue.

Plus, the hospitality industry will also see a significant decrease in guests travelling for recreational purposes. Large tourist attractions are limiting the number of guests allowed on the property at one time. Sports venues will likely limit capacity, if allowing any on-site audiences at all. And with less passengers opting to travel by plane, many families will opt for day trips that don’t require overnight accommodations.

All of these factors will make the hospitality industry and even more competitive market than it was previously. And it makes it even more important for your hotel to deliver an optimal guest experience.

How Can Qypsys Help Your Hospitality Company Prepare Now for a Better Post-Pandemic Future?

Qypsys is a leading integrator of advanced access solutions, for the distribution of voice, data and video services delivering fast, reliable wireless connectivity solutions, providing an optimal guest experience. We focus on delivering scalable, flexible and sustainable infrastructure solutions, uniquely suited to support hotel and resort properties’ infrastructure initiatives by offering:

  • Fiber-rich connectivity that let hotels and resorts exceed guests’ expectations with scalable broadband infrastructures and reliable wireless coverage.
  • A DAS that guarantees current and future support and resolves bandwidth and connectivity issues.
  • Customized indoor/outdoor Small Cell solutions that extend cellular coverage and capacity and, when bundled with PON on a converged network, are highly cost effective.

Contact Qypsys by submitting a contact request form to learn more about how Qypsys can help your hospitality company upgrade your network infrastructure now to better prepare for a more competitive future.

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