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Large Public Venues are Reopening and Relying on Technology

Large public venues are reopening across the United States, as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. And technology solutions are playing a key role in helping to keep crowds safe.

With the reopening process underway, event organizers and venue managers have the unenviable task of implementing safety measures in a fluid environment. CDC guidelines for large event gatherings are constantly evolving as scientists learn more about the highly contagious delta variant and other variants of concern (VOC). And venues need to strike a delicate balance to keep crowds safe without compromising the experience.

How Technology Solutions for Large Public Venues Can Help Keep Crowds Safe

Advanced technology solutions can help solve the challenges of reopening large public venues in a post-COVID world. Technology can be used to improve public safety in a plethora of ways.

Event Entry Safety Tracking and Monitoring Technology

As large public venues are reopening, many safety protocols start at the door, before attendees are able to gain access to an event. Some of the more common recommended safety protocols include:

  • Touchless Ticketing
  • Tracking Capacity
  • Temperature Checks
  • Vaccination Verification
  • Easy Event Re-entry (if applicable)

Limiting Interactions

And a big part of staying safe means properly following social distancing guidelines, limiting interactions with others as much as possible. Some ways technologies can help limit interactions include:

  • Contactless Payment Options: Providing a secure, convenient, and touch-free way to complete financial transactions.
  • Digital Ordering Options: Using technology to reduce interactions and time spent ordering and/or waiting. Plus, delivery options can make it more convenient too.
  • Virtual Wayfinding: Replacing ushers and assistants with virtual location tracking assistance technology.

Cleaning Technology

From tracking to next-generation technology, comprehensive cleaning measures play a big role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. It can help to ensure the safety and peace of mind of event attendees as large public venues are reopening. At a basic level, technology can be used track and ensure routine cleaning is taking place as scheduled. While some advanced technology options, such as cleaning robots and disinfecting light technology offer alternative cleaning solutions.

Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

All of this technology that can be used to help keep crowds safe as large public venues are reopening, But it only works if a reliable network infrastructure can support coverage and capacity needs. A Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is well suited for large public venues where more than one mobile carrier coverage is required.

Qypsys Cellular DAS technology solution, built on a fiber optic infrastructure, is easily deployable, and offers a wide range of configurations and customizable options. It delivers faster, more reliable cellular coverage with the capacity and flexibility to meet sudden spikes in demand. And with 5G technology capabilities, it’s a long-term sustainable infrastructure solution, able to accommodate next-generation mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Qypsys, Delivering Technology Solutions for Large Public Venues

For large projects, such as upgrading network technology for a large public venue, Qypsys has the extensive experience and industry expertise to deliver! We offer solutions that lower the risks, costs, and complexities of deploying next generation technology – and support future growth potential too.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about technology solutions for large public venues.


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