First Responders Safety-Public Safety-New Fire Codes-2019

New Fire Codes Requiring PS DAS Systems

There are new NFPA Fire Codes requiring PS DAS systems be installed in new construction projects, and in some cases even for renovations. What makes things complicated is that there are different versions of NFPA code adopted each year. Individual states can approve whichever version they see appropriate, and don’t always enforce it. This means that codes vary by State, County and Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and there’s not always strict adherence.

Owners and Developers are beginning to recognize that a significant infrastructure investment is required to support these systems, including the horizontal conduit which may be required specifically for the PD DAS system. They need intelligence early in the project to be prepared to accommodate the fire codes being enforced.

Read about the growth of the in-building DAS communications systems and how it will be distributed for public-safety coverage and capacity in buildings.

Qypsys PS DAS Solution Can Help You Meet the New Public Safety Requirements of the New Fire Codes

Qypsys has the experience and relationships with the AHJs to know the differences between them, and what each requires per the Codes they enforce.  We will provide preliminary design work and budgetary pricing so our clients have the intelligence they need early in the project.  Qypsys is focused on meeting strict standards in design, deployment, and commissioning of each system, unlike much of our competition. Providing superior design and deployment, and leveraging our relationships, Qypsys provides the best PS DAS solutions in the business.

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