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SD-LAN Technology with Power and Fiber Deep Architecture Solutions

At the ‘Emerging Technologies Seminar,’ Corning Presented in Partnership with Graybar: ‘Stay Connected, Stay Informed, Build Better Networks with Fiber!’ Featured speakers for this session included: Mike Kelly, Director Program Delivery Services at HMI Technical Solutions, LLC, Alan Bertsch, President at Qypsys and David Hessong, Market Development Analyst at Corning Optical Communications, LLC.

As part of the presentation, Qypsys President, Alan Bertsch spoke on the topic of ‘SD-LAN Technology with Power and Fiber Deep Architecture Solutions’.

SD-LAN Technology

SD-LAN (Software Defined – Local Access Network) brings the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) to local access networks (LAN). It is an application and policy-driven architecture that de-couples the hardware and software layers of networks.

SD-LAN solutions require only a single composite cable that delivers both power and connectivity. This offers a more simplified infrastructure that can support multiple technologies such as Wi-Fi, cellular, audio-visual, etc. Thus, it reduces the need for switches, new hardware and cabling required for adding new devices, overall network complexity and installation costs.

Power and Fiber Deep Architecture Solutions

A deep fiber infrastructure strives to place fiber closer to customers which can be achieved through deploying fiber into more areas. This results in a lesser need for amplifiers between the node and the subscriber and better service quality. It delivers a simpler, less expensive, and more reliable network infrastructure.

The Benefits for Network Administrators

This provides network administrators with a technology-neutral platform that supports active Ethernet deep into the network and passive optical LAN over a software-defined network architecture. And since the software does most of the heavy lifting, it’s easy for administrators to manage the network, quickly and efficiently from one centralized location.

This smart network offers network administrators more agility, greater centralized control, and easier optimization options for a faster, more resilient, and scalable solution.

SD-LAN Technology with Power and Fiber Deep Architecture Solutions Designed by Qypsys

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