Laptop with Technology Overlay-Managed Wireless Network Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers are Facing Wireless Network Challenges Brought on by COVID-19

The COVID crisis revealed many flaws in current medical IT systems and the network infrastructures healthcare providers rely on to provide patient care. Most IT networks and technology in use today, especially in small to medium-sized medical facilities, were built to meet an extremely specific set of national standards for Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) outlined in the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). And most EMR functionality and capabilities focused primarily on keeping Electronic Medical Records safe and computerized physician order entries (CPOE) within a specific point-of-care location (a.k.a. the office). Most functionality and network capacity was focused on internal communications, within the medical facility.

COVID-19 Forced Medical Facilities to Change How They Operate

When COVID-19 became a widespread concern in the United States, medical facilities had to redirect their network focus, requiring more functionality and network capacity on external communications, such as providing patient care via telemental health platforms, instead of in person. This meant more network capacity was suddenly required to use these telemental health platforms and networks now needed to be flexible enough to handle new users or access scenarios. Unfortunately, many wireless service provider networks are often not able to meet these increased demands.

Managed Wireless Network Solutions for Healthcare Providers

“Couple the technical limitations with the financial realities of reduced revenues and it is easy to see where healthcare institutions would be struggling to find solutions. Utility models create an option for providers challenged with these limitations but faced with the need to improve coverage” says Alan Bertsch, Qypsys President.

Qypsys Managed Wireless Network Solution Benefits

The Qypsys Managed Wireless Network Solution provides an extensive list of benefits for current and future considerations. These include:

Excellent Cellular Connectivity Coverage

The service provides excellent cellular connectivity that enables critical connectivity and application support for healthcare professionals and patients. It:

  • Eliminates cellular coverage problems
  • Eliminates network capacity problems
  • Enables connectivity for all wireless service providers (AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile*)

Easy Installation, Integration and Expansion

The Qypsys model eliminates the need for customer support resources and drastically reduces the amount of time needed to bring Wireless Services Providers (WSPs) to the property. It also:

  • Requires minimal space and power
  • Allows for rapid installation
  • Minimizes business disruption
  • Provides CAPEX or OPEX payment options
  • Is expandable for future enhancements, such as 5G

Provides a Cost-Effective Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Medical Facilities

Compared to other network solutions, the Qypsys Wireless Network Solution is more affordable in most cases.

  • CAPEX or OPEX payment options
  • Less than $0.10 per square foot monthly (on average)

Learn More About the Qypsys Wireless Solution for Healthcare Providers

Contact Qypsys to learn more about the advanced technology solutions available for healthcare providers. We can work with you to help determine the best network solutions for your medical facility.