Public Safety DAS Solution for Large Florida Public School System 2019

Building a Public Safety DAS Solution for a Large Florida Public School System

Qypsys is participating in an extensive project undertaken by a large public school system in Florida. The project involves retrofitting over 200 schools with a Public Safety DAS Solution. This system allows for first responder radios to work inside buildings.

Qypsys Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System Overview

  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS).
  • Enhances two-way radio service for first responders.
  • Communications issues at WTC during 9/11 highlighted the need.
  • City and counties have enacted local ordinances making the systems mandatory.
  • New construction has had the requirements.
  • Retrofits now being required in many places.
  • Enterprises and school districts are developing remediation plans for compliance.

Qypsys Public Safety DAS Solution Features

The Public Safety DAS Solution that Qypsys is installing in one of Florida’s largest public school systems includes the following components:

  • Directional antenna on the roof to receive a donor signal
  • Indoor omni-directional antennas
  • 1/2″ Plenum-rated coax cable and an indoor Plenum-rated coax cable
  • A vertical riser with a room that houses repeater(s)
  • Repeater, BBU and dedicated remote Annunciator
  • An alarm cable connecting the Annunciator and Fire Alarm Control Panel